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Premium quality Shirts tailored with the perfect fit.

Freedom to move

Our goal is ensure Athletes & Bodybuilders are bursting with style.

Look trim - not tight - with shirts perfectly tailored around your chest and biceps, allowing free movement without restrictions.

The tapered waist stops bagginess around your midriff and offers a more ideal look.

Look Professional, stylish and classy without the dreaded "tent effect".

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Muscle-Fit Shirts for Athletes & Bodybuilders

Athletic-Fit Jeans for the biggest of quads.


Our Jeans have been engineered for comfort and flexibility. 

They have been tried and tested by professional Bodybuilders - enduring over 300kg Barbell Sqauts without breaking a seam.

Our material naturally moulds around your legs over time for ultimate comfort.  After 20 minutes wear, it will feel like you're barely wearing anything at all. 

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Fashion Meets Form.

Perfect for work or play.

Our chinos have been carefully crafted to account for your calves and quads.

Each size is specifically designed to fit around your muscles seamlessly without risk of tearing or splitting.

Our material naturally moulds around your legs over time, reducing the bagginess in unwanted areas.

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