Athletic Fit Chinos by Oxcloth

Athletic Fit Chinos

Beat the bagginess and discomfort with ultra flex. Our athletic fit stretch chinos mould to your legs while you wear them to ensure a perfect stretch fit for muscular legs, allowing free movement without the risk of splitting. 

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Unlock ultimate comfort and style in our athletic fit chinos. These aren’t just ordinary chinos - they’re crafted using the highest quality materials and attention to detail resulting in your new favourite pair of chinos.

Athletic Fit Stretch Chinos That Offer Fit and Comfort All Day Long

Our chinos feel as good as they look. Oxcloth athletic cut chinos provide a balance of style and comfort. Our ultra flex fabric ensures that you can wear them all day long without rubbing or chafing around the quads. With so many colours and styles you will have no problem finding the right pair.

Why Oxcloth’s Muscle Fit Chinos Are The Right Choice

Oxcloth is by no means just fitted chinos for people that go to the gym. We wanted to create a line of muscle fit chinos that are extremely high quality, fashionable and cut specifically for people with muscular and athletic body shapes. 

Muscular guys who work hard for their figures do not deserve to go through the struggles of baggy or uncomfortable chinos. Shop the best athletic fit chinos for bodybuilders right here.

Athletic Fit Chinos Perfect Fit, Ready To Wear

With simple sizing you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong size. Simply choose a size you would usually wear and our chinos will do the rest. Moulding and shaping to your athletic legs as they should. 

Our fitted chinos came down to 3 major components for creating the best athletic fit chinos on the market: 


A unique blend of high quality denim cotton and elastane. This elastane inclusion is absolute paramount as guys with athletic shaped legs will have larger quads and glutes which need to be comfortable while being finely fitted.


They have more room in the quads and glutes while tapering up the waist. Guys with larger legs typically find that off the rack chinos are loose around the waist. Theres a common problem with bodybuilders that have to size up to get normal chinos to fit their quads, but because they have a slighter waist it’s often loose. We’ve account for this in our unique cut. Additionally we included a larger drop in the groin to stop chafing at the top of the quads.

Muscle Fit

Finely fitted at the waist, down the quads with a tapered ankle. Engineered to mould to the shape of your leg over time. 

Our Athletic Fit Flex Chinos Are Just One Of The Styles You’ll Find At Oxcloth

Our chinos are exceptional - and they’re just one of the types of product you’ll find here at Oxcloth. We're your one-stop-shop for all types of muscle fit clothing. Other popular athletic fit garments we offer include:

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