Look on the care label to make sure you wash at the right temperature for your garment - generally either a cotton cycle, synthetics cycle, wool cycle or delicate cycle.

Overload your machine and your clothes may come out dirty or even bleached in areas where the detergent hasn't been diluted properly. It's black and white.

Keep light colours and dark colours separate in the wash - then colours can stay the way they were made.

Wash your items inside out to protect fabric surface from the constant friction created during washing (especially important for soft fabrics like moleskin and denim.)

Choose a wash cycle and detergent to suit the most delicate item in the machine to avoid damaging it.

Garments face the most amount of wear and tear during washing so the less you wash the item the longer it will stay looking new. Use 'colour' detergents on all our hand or machine washable garments, unless otherwise stated on the care label, to prevent colour loss and bleaching.


Make sure you use the cycle best suited for your garment.

Tumble dry - at a higher temperature for a faster drying time. Be careful as this can shrink clothes that shouldn't be dried this way.

Line dry - hang your garments on the line (the safest way to dry your clothes). Hang them carefully to avoid getting any marks or dents in funny places.


First look at the care label. If you don't use the right temperature, you might find half your outfit stuck to the bottom of the iron.

Choose the heat the care label suggests. Usually one, two or three dots.

First iron on part of the garment that doesn't normally show, to ensure the temperature is right. If in doubt it might be better to take to a professional ironing service or dry-cleaners.


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