Reviews - Success & Testimonials


How we've cracked the market and successfully provided a comfortable, high-quality clothing solution for Bodybuilders and Athletes. 

Taking over the media

 We're probably best known for our launch video. Going viral and hitting over 2 million views on all social media platforms - such as Facebook - was more than we could have wished for the brand. This immediately gained us a huge following and allowed us to show off our product to the masses.

Quality - non-stretch - perfection. 

Our shirts were designed to fit our customers precisely. For us, this meant no stretch. We didn't want our clothing to look tight or restricting. We wanted to come across as natural and stylish as possible and provide an option for bodybuilders and athletes to look as if they're not popping out of their shirts.  We did this over countless hours working with hundreds of professional athletes to develop the perfect fit. We found no need to lower the comfort of our shirts with elastic - that's why all our shirts are 100% cotton.

Our chinos, however, they're a different story. We found measurements can be so diverse we decided to engineer a specific material to cater towards high-stress. To fit from slightly smaller to the largest. Ensuring even the larger legs can sit and move comfortably.

You either have the Oxfit or you don't.

 Our goal was to create real muscle-fit clothing for real athletes. People who struggle with finding high-quality clothing for their larger arms, chest and quads. We know setting the bar high means a smaller market, but we're not catering for just anyone. You need to fit into Oxcloth, Oxcloth doesn't need to fit you. This has won us lots of attention, especially in the professional bodybuilding scene. 

We made it and the pros love it. 

 From celebrities to 350lb bodybuilders, here are a few of our happy customers. 

IFBB Pro Jake Alvarez - 'Chinos and a dress shirt I can SQUAT IN?! Thanks to @oxcloth_uk! I need to order more!'

Professional bodybuilder Jake Alvarez squatting in oxcloth shirt and chinos 

IFBB Pro Romane Lanceford - 'It's not easy finding shirts that fit well nowadays but these guys specialise in muscle- fit clothing for muscular and athletic physiques. Perfect fit, exceptional quality.'

professional bodybuilder romane lancerford wearing oxcloth shirt eagle
Vegan IFBB Pro Nimai Delgato - 'Their pants are even flexible enough to squat in!'

Vegan Bodybuilder Nimai Delgato wearing oxcloth shirt and cobra chinos

Model / Former NFL player Jeff Loagz - 'Fit like a glove' 

professional athlete jeff loags wearing oxcloth shirt

NY Pro Winner Sergio Oliva Jr - 'Wanna give a shoutout to @oxcloth_uk for making dress clothes for bodybuilders. Being able to find pants with a small waist but big enough in the legs or sleeves big enough to fit your arms through is a life saver. They have tons of styles that fit comfortably'
Professional bodybuilder Sergio Oliva Jr in oxcloth shirt and chinos
Athlete / Bodybuilder Denon Maximchuk - 'The shirts are tailored to fit a muscular shape, leaving more room in the shoulders, arms and chest, while blending into a PERFECT V-taper waist. I'm extremely impressed!'
Pro Athlete Denon in oxcloth lasso shirt and fox chinos
IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad - 'Recently I found @oxcloth who makes casual clothes for people who lift! I sent them my measurements and they sent me what I ordered. Now I can take my girl to dinner and I don't have to wear sweats😒'
350lb professional bodybuilder Fouad Abiad in oxcloth shirt and chinos

Just the start. 

Selling out of the majority of our stock so soon, we will shortly be adding to our collection of shirts and chinos. We can promise some huge announcements are on their way in the next few months so we encourage you to sign up to our mailing list to make sure you're ahead of the queue once they arrive. 



*Reviews implemented from 20th August 2019.