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Natural vs Unnatural Bodybuilding - What's The Difference?

Bodybuilding goes beyond weightlifting; it is an art, a science and a way of life, for individuals. However the world of bodybuilding can be categorized into two realms; natural vs unnatural.

Understanding the disparities between these approaches is essential for those committed to fitness strength training or bodybuilding itself.

In this article we will explore the intricacies that set these two methods apart, discussing their merits and drawbacks as the unique challenges faced by bodybuilders when it comes to clothing choices. Here at Oxcloth we're here to offer you the perfect solution.

natural vs unnatural bodybuilding - What's The Difference?

How is Natural Bodybuilding Different From Normal Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is a branch of the sport that emphasizes muscle growth and physical aesthetics without resorting to performance enhancing substances like anabolic steroids or hormone replacement therapy.

Participants adhere to training routines encompassing a balanced diet plan, weightlifting sessions and cardiovascular exercises.

When it comes to nutrition in bodybuilding, meticulous planning is key in order to optimize muscle gain and fat loss. This involves maintaining an intake of proteins, carbohydrates, fats along with micronutrients and lawful supplements.

Athletes competing in natural bodybuilding events are often subjected to types of drug tests in order to ensure compliance with the established guidelines.

The objective of this form of bodybuilding is to level the playing field by making athlete dedication, strategic planning and genetic potential the determinants for success.

Natural bodybuilding not promotes a more sustainable approach to the sport but it also places a strong emphasis on ethical practices and long term well being. 

Training Methods, Goals, and Philosophies

When it comes to training methods in bodybuilding the focus is often on durations ensuring proper form and sustainable muscle development. The goals revolve around health and longevity taking a holistic approach.

What Does it Mean to be Unnatural in Bodybuilding?

This refers to the practice where athletes resort to using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) like steroids, growth hormones and other banned substances to gain an advantage in competitions.

Unlike bodybuilding that relies on diet, exercise and maximizing one's potential for results unnatural bodybuilding strives for rapid muscle growth and physical transformation that may surpass what can be naturally achieved.

While these substances can yield gains in muscle mass, strength and endurance; they also come with health risks such as liver damage, cardiovascular issues and hormonal imbalances.

Athletes who participate in competitions with drug testing policies typically fall into this category.

Ethical Considerations and Controversies

Although the physiques attained through bodybuilding can be awe inspiring there is a debate, about the ethical concerns and health implications associated with PED use.

The use of performance enhancing drugs in bodybuilding has long been a subject of controversy. Critics argue that it can compromise the spirit of play while some view it as a measure for staying competitive at a professional level.

Individuals who pursue muscle development often witness gains improved endurance and faster recovery periods. However these advantages come with health hazards including imbalances, liver impairments and heightened vulnerability to injuries. 

How Do You Tell If a Bodybuilder is Natural or Not?

Visual clues might suggest whether a bodybuilder is natural or not, such as unnatural muscle definition or excessive vascularity. Many competitions require athletes to undergo drug testing to ensure they are 'natural.'

Federations and Competitions

Organizations like the INBA, NPC, and the IFBB have strict guidelines and conduct drug tests to ensure a level playing field for all competitors.

Are Natural Bodybuilders Stronger?

Surprisingly, natural bodybuilders are often not as strong as their enhanced counterparts. However, their strength tends to be more sustainable over the long term. Studies have indicated that while anabolic steroids can significantly increase muscle size and strength, they can also compromise long-term health and durability of the musculoskeletal system.

What are the Disadvantages of Natural Bodybuilding?

Natural bodybuilders face the challenge of slower progress, especially in terms of muscle gain. This situation can be disheartening for some individuals, causing them to consider alternative methods as a quicker path towards achieving their goals. 

Here are the main disadvantages:

Slower Progress

People who opt for natural bodybuilding often experience slower growth in muscles and strength compared to those who use performance enhancing substances.

Limited Size

Attaining extreme muscle size is more difficult without the assistance of substances like anabolic steroids.

Competitive Disadvantage

Natural athletes may find themselves at a disadvantage in competitions where drug testing is not stringent or nonexistent. 

Time Consuming

The absence of rapid results requires a long term dedication to diet and exercise, making it a time intensive endeavor.


Natural bodybuilders are more prone to reaching performance plateaus that are challenging to overcome.

Psychological Impact

The slower progress and plateaus can be demoralizing, leading to decreased enthusiasm or even abandonment of the sport.

Genetic Limitations

Natural bodybuilding highlights one's genetic restrictions, impacting the potential size and strength gains that can be achieved.

Nutritional Challenges

It necessitates meticulous planning of macronutrients and micronutrients to maximize gains, which can be intricate and time consuming.


High quality food and natural supplements can come with a hefty price tag.

Are Natural Bodybuilders Healthy?

When it comes to maintaining health natural bodybuilders are often seen as having an edge over those who rely on performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). By avoiding these substances they steer clear of risks like liver damage, heart problems and hormonal imbalances. Instead natural bodybuilders focus on leading a rounded lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, appropriate exercise routines and ample rest for muscle recovery.

What sets bodybuilders apart is their dedication and discipline which extend beyond just physical fitness. They pay attention to their nutrition by consuming diets rich in lean proteins, healthy fats and a variety of fruits and vegetables. This approach promotes long term health benefits. Moreover natural bodybuilding emphasizes progress rather than quick gains that could potentially compromise one's well being. Consequently it is commonly associated with a balanced and healthier approach to physical development and maintenance.


In conclusion, understanding the differences between unnatural approaches to bodybuilding is essential when starting a fitness journey. Both methods have their pros and cons; however the decision ultimately relies on values concerns, about well being and future goals.

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