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Protein on tap! Would you like your home to be plumbed with protein supplement?

Protein on tap - a success!

Oxcloth is all about helping athletes live a more comfortable and stylish life. We’ve succeeded in enhancing thousands of athlete’s wardrobes and thought ‘OK, what can we do next?’.

We were chatting to some of our models about what would make their life easier, and something that came up was protein and how it can be a nuisance to make sure you’re getting enough. One model commented ‘I would save so much time if my tap produced protein supplement instead of just water’, that gave us a big light bulb moment, why couldn’t you have protein flowing out of your kitchen tap?

We got on the phone to a couple of plumbers right away and turns out it’s not too hard to plumb your home with protein. All you need is a filtration system, like the ones used in pubs to produce fizzy drinks.

So, we made it happen and trialled the service last month in our volunteer’s home. Check the video out below to see what happened.

The filtration system is what enables the protein powder to be added to the water supply, giving you more than 30g of protein in every glass of water on average! You can change the protein powder flavour and brand whenever you choose.

Since its success, we are now launching the service so more of you can get your home plumbed with protein! We encourage anyone who owns their own home in the UK to register to have protein plumbed into their kitchen sink below. 

We’re going to pick more volunteers soon and will be in touch via email to notify anyone who is randomly picked!

It’s worth mentioning that the project may take a couple of weeks to be completed because of the filtration system installation - the ease of this can be dependent on whether the chosen volunteer lives in an apartment building, detached/semi-detached or terraced house.



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