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How Do I Look Professional In Workout Clothes?

Can you wear professional workout clothes for men and still look the part? Some might think gym and office clothes are worlds apart. But, you can find a balance.

So how can you look professional in workout clothes? To look professional in workout clothes, choose high-quality, well-fitting athletic wear in neutral or solid colors, ensuring that the pieces are clean and in good condition. Opt for minimal logos and designs, and select items that provide a streamlined, cohesive look, such as matching sets.

Let's explore how to achieve this with fitness outfit ideas that are both functional and stylish.

Oxcloth truly gets the need to look sharp. We offer muscle fit shirts for the muscular man who values style. While you work out, looking sharp and professional is easy. Join us as we show how to upgrade your gym attire and stay professional.

Mastering the Art of Athleisure for the Workplace

Embracing athleisure for work can be tricky. You need smart choices to look professional in workout clothes. The goal is to pick clothes that fit the gym and office.

Choosing High-Quality, Neutral-Toned Activewear

Start with high-quality, neutral activewear. It should be breathable and light. These clothes are comfy for workouts and keep you dry all day. Neutral tones are easy to match, making your pieces versatile.

Strategic Layering: Blending Comfort with Professionalism

Layering is key for the athleisure work look. Begin with a snug, light T-shirt. It keeps your look simple while fitting your workout needs. Add a long-sleeve top for style and muscle recovery. This mixes practical gym wear with office style smoothly.

The Right Fit: Incorporating Workout Attire with Tailored Pieces

Finding the right balance between gym wear and work clothes can be tricky. But, by choosing the right fit, you can look sleek and professional without giving up comfort. Imagine wearing smart clothes that also show off your fitness dedication at work.

It's important that your gym clothes can keep you dry. Choose pieces that look classy and help you move better in your fitness routine. Avoid fabrics that hold sweat and lose their shape. Go for materials that are breathable and stretchy. This way, your clothes will help you move, not hold you back.

Thinking about what to wear for your lower body? A piece like the Ten Thousand Interval Short works well with smart jackets or shirts. It makes you look good at work while being comfy for muscles. This shows you care about looking good and performing well in your fitness gear.

These days, you can easily find fitness clothes that are both polished and practical. Choosing the right gym wear boosts your confidence. You'll know you look good during any activity, from working out to giving a presentation.

How To Style Activewear Outside The Gym

When you mix workout wear with everyday clothes, pick versatile pieces. Brands like Rhone and Lululemon make cool tanks and tees. For example, the Reign Tech Short Sleeve and Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless Shirt. They wick away sweat, and look stylish too. This means you'll look good and feel comfy even after leaving the gym.

Don't forget the power of layering your gym clothes. It gives you a seamless style throughout your day. You could wear a hoodie unzipped over your tank, or a soft jacket for going out. Proper layering makes your workout clothes versatile. Always pick pieces that are handy and look great too.

Gym Outfit Tips That Align with Office Dress Codes

Finding a balance between office and gym wear is important. You'll want clothes that fit well in both places. The key is choosing professional gym attire that looks right at work too. Thanks to modern athleisure, you can look sharp and still be ready for activity.

Athletic Business Casual Clothes

It's all about mixing comfort with office style. Start with a smart, fitted performance tee and smart trousers. These keep you looking business-like but are comfy for the gym too. Don't forget accessories that match your look and are useful. A smart, branded gym towel can show you're serious about fitness and work.

Items like the On Running Hoodie are perfect. They have pockets that blend in and keep things functional. This way, you stay stylish, ready for exercise, and work-appropriate too.

Best Fitting Athletic Fit Shirts For Men - Oxcloth

Looking for great athletic fit shirts means exploring more than standard shops. You want clothes that look professional without losing comfort. Especially if regular sizes don't fit your muscular build well. Oxcloth specialises in shirts that offer the perfect fit for active bodies. They make sure you look good and feel comfortable.

How Do I Look Professional In Workout Clothes?


Today's workout clothes must have new fabric technology and thoughtful design. Features like moisture-wicking, breathability, and stretch are must-haves. Brands such as Rhone and Reigning Champ use nylon, polyester, and elastane. This mix makes shirts that fit snugly but move with you. This is key for both the gym and for looking sharp at work.

The search for the best athletic shirts ends with clothes designed for active life. They come with sun protection and anti-odour tech. So, you can go from exercise to work effortlessly. You don't have to sacrifice style for performance. With Oxcloth, you get clothes that are both strong and stylish.

This is where Oxcloth steps in. We’re not just another clothing brand; they’re crafted keeping in mind the unique requirements of bodybuilders and fitness aficionados.

We wanted to create a clothing brand that is for bodybuilders, made by bodybuilders. Oxcloth clothing is fashioned by designers and created with and around people who like to build and shape their bodies.

The patterns for all our products are conducted through the sampling of hundreds of different athletically built men to ensure the absolute best muscle fit clothing on the market. We’ve done extensive research and no-one creates muscle fitting clothing like us.

Forged from the everyday gripes of the athletic male, we struggled to find smart attire that fits our bodies the way we wanted them to. We wanted to create a catalogue of fashionable clothing that's main function is to fit around your muscular body shape.

Never again will you have to order an unnecessarily large shirt in order to fit your chest and arms, leaving your midriff baggy and ill-fitted.

Never again will you fear buying chinos online as they might not fit your quads; Oxcloth provides clothing for athletes and bodybuilders with an exclusive collection including muscle fit shirts, athletic fit chinos, athletic fit jeans and athletic fit shorts.


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