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How To Measure Shoulders in Bodybuilding

Ever wondered if the mirror and the measuring tape align with your vision of bodybuilding success? At Oxcloth, we recognise the importance of every centimetre on your journey toward achieving that formidable shoulder width.

So how do you measure shoulders in bodybuilding? In bodybuilding, shoulder width is measured by using a tape measure to span from the tip of one shoulder across the back to the tip of the other shoulder, ensuring the tape is level and not twisted for an accurate measurement.

In this blog, we're delving into the intricacies of how to measure shoulders for bodybuilding, breaking down the techniques that reflect true muscle growth, and distinguishing between mere size and balanced development.

Alongside our expertise in crafting muscle fit shirts that complement the specific contours of a bodybuilder's frame, you'll uncover the secrets behind accurate shoulder measurement for muscle growth. It's time to equip yourself with knowledge that goes beyond the standard flex and pose. So, are you ready to measure up?

How Do Bodybuilders Measure Shoulder Width?

Learning how to measure shoulder width accurately is a fundamental skill for any bodybuilder keen on perfecting their physique. You'll find two prevalent methods to gauge this critical parameter: the horizontal and the circumferential. The horizontal measurement involves taking a straight line from one shoulder to the other, crossing directly over your chest. Conducive to comparing bilateral symmetry, it informs whether your diligent training has paid equal dividends to both sides of your body.

Alternatively, measuring shoulder circumference encapsulates a broader area, looping around your shoulders, chest, and back. This not only gives a more comprehensive view of your upper body development but is also essential when you're invested in conforming to the tailored cuts by clothiers such as Oxcloth—masters in crafting garments for the bodybuilder's unique silhouette.

When undertaking these measurements, stand with proper posture, shoulders relaxed, and allow the tape to rest evenly. Consistency in tape tension during each assessment is vital to ensure you're not misled by irregularities. Especially for the bodybuilder shoulder width, precision is key; minute increments can signal significant progress in the realms of muscle building, so keeping a meticulous approach will serve you well.

As muscle enthusiasts strive for that impressive V-taper or seek fitted formal clothing that accommodates muscular builds without sacrificing style, understanding the nuances in measuring shoulder circumference is indispensable. The results not only guide your training and wardrobe but also underscore the sense of accomplishment that comes with physical transformation.

Should You Measure Flexed Or Relaxed?

As a devoted bodybuilder, it is critical to ask whether you should measure shoulders bodybuilding efforts in a flexed or relaxed state. It is essential to aim for uniformity in your shoulder width measurement to ensure that any progress, no matter how slight, is accurately captured.

Some might suggest gauging the bodybuilding shoulder size when the muscles are flexed to their limits to evaluate the maximum girth. However, this method could introduce a risk of inconsistency due to the challenging task of reproducing the exact level of muscle contraction each time.

In pursuit of reliable and stable results, it is advisable to measure your shoulders while relaxed. This means a steadfast record of your shoulder measurements can be established, which, in turn, supports more effective assessment of your growth trajectory.

Besides, working out induces a temporary muscle pump, potentially skewing your measurements and painting an inaccurate picture of your development. By taking your shoulder measurements in a natural, unflexed state, preferably before your training sessions, you capture a candid snapshot of your physique's standing point, crucial for appraising your long-term bodybuilding accomplishments.

Can You Measure Your Shoulders By Yourself?

If you're delving into the world of bodybuilding or simply keeping track of your fitness progress, knowing how to measure shoulders with precision is a critical skill. The good news is that measuring shoulder circumference by yourself is entirely feasible with the right approach. Firstly, position yourself in front of a mirror; this will allow you to see whether the tape remains level during the process and is crucial for an accurate measurement.

Grab a body-friendly tape measure, the kind that tailors use, ensuring it's flexible enough to wrap around your shoulders comfortably. Make certain your upper body is unclothed; jumpers or shirts can add bulk and obscure the true end points of your shoulders.

The tape should rest snugly against your skin but not delve into it, which would give a falsely reduced reading. Pulling the tape measure around your shoulder circumference, confirm in the mirror that it's positioned correctly, lying flat across the widest part of your shoulders - usually just above the shoulder blades.

While measuring shoulder circumference by yourself might seem daunting at first, it's a skill that can be refined with practice.

This self-reliance ensures you’re not hindered by the availability of a partner and can maintain consistent tracking of your bodybuilding results. And remember, whether you're assessing readiness for competition or ensuring the fit of your latest apparel, a correctly taken shoulder measurement is invaluable.

What Is Considered Big Shoulders For A Man?

In the realm of bodybuilding, the quest for sizeable shoulders is not merely a matter of personal pride, but an aesthetic benchmark for many. When your goal is to build a physique that exudes strength and balance, understanding what is considered big shoulders for your frame is paramount.

For men, a set of wide, muscular shoulders that enhance the revered V-shaped torso is a common goal, serving as a testament to countless hours dedicated to deltoid development.

However, big shoulders aren't simply about physical appearance; they play a crucial role in functionality and performance. With shoulder measurement for muscle growth acting as a vital indicator of progress, you're able to tailor your training regimen accordingly.

But what are the metrics for big shoulders? While this can differ from person to person based on individual body type and height, typically, a ratio that reflects significantly broader shoulders in comparison to the waist is the goal among many bodybuilders.

How To Measure Shoulders For Clothing

If you're also contending with the challenge of finding fitted formal clothing for bodybuilders, accurate shoulder measurement becomes indispensable. Brands like Oxcloth specialise in creating garments that cater to your unique physique, ensuring that every seam resonates with the contours of your body.

To determine the perfect fit for formal clothing, such as a tailored suit, measuring the girth across the widest part of your shoulders is fundamental. This is best achieved with the assistance of another person, enabling precision that self-measurement may sometimes miss.

Ultimately, the right fitted article of clothing should not merely accommodate your muscular build but should accentuate it, achieving a symmetrical and flattering look. It should complement the hard work you've put into growing your shoulders, reflecting both the functionality and the aesthetics of a well-crafted physique. So, whether you're stepping on stage or stepping into a boardroom, let your broad shoulders speak volumes of your dedication to bodybuilding.

Fitted Clothing For Bodybuilders With Big Shoulders

Bodybuilders often face the quandary of finding attire that fluently complements their robust shoulder width. Where mainstream fashion falls short.

This is where Oxcloth steps in. We’re not just another clothing brand; they’re crafted keeping in mind the unique requirements of bodybuilders and fitness aficionados.

We wanted to create a clothing brand that is for bodybuilders, made by bodybuilders. Oxcloth clothing is fashioned by designers and created with and around people who like to build and shape their bodies.

How To Measure Shoulders in Bodybuilding

The patterns for all our products are conducted through the sampling of hundreds of different athletically built men to ensure the absolute best muscle fit clothing on the market. We’ve done extensive research and no-one creates muscle fitting clothing like us.

Forged from the everyday gripes of the athletic male, we struggled to find smart attire that fits our bodies the way we wanted them to. We wanted to create a catalogue of fashionable clothing that's main function is to fit around your muscular body shape.

Never again will you have to order an unnecessarily large shirt in order to fit your chest and arms, leaving your midriff baggy and ill-fitted. Never again will you fear buying chinos online as they might not fit your quads; Oxcloth provides clothing for athletes and bodybuilders with an exclusive collection including muscle fit shirts, athletic fit chinos, athletic fit jeans and athletic fit shorts.


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