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Best Clothing For Bodybuilders

A New Era for Athletes and Fashion 

The days of walking into a shop, trying on a shirt, "yep - that's too tight for my arms"  and leaving are over.
In an age that is more muscle-bound and fitness motivated than ever before, why has it taken so long to develop stylish clothing for Athletically built Men? As avid Bodybuilding enthusiasts, we assembled a small team of athletes and designers and were able to create a completely unique clothing line that would completely change the market. 
Oxcloth is by no means just fitted clothing for people that go to the gym. We wanted to create a line of clothes that are extremely high quality, fashionable and cut specifically for people with muscular and athletic body shapes. Our sole aim was to create a brand that firstly caters towards the dedicated gym and weightlifting enthusiasts, but also offers exceptionally smart & stylish apparel designed to show off their bodies without providing a tight 'constricting' feel. 
One of the fundamental ideas that we had which incepted the idea behind Oxcloth, was witnessing what high-street retailers define as ‘Muscle Fit’. These clothes are tailored for average body shapes, to fit the widest range of people possible, and so they use a 140lb model to show off their muscle fit shirt - which doesn't help the people that need it the most.
From personal experiences, we found that we could only wear a certain size shirt because it fit our arms or jeans or athletic fit chinos that fit our quads but looked baggy and unflattering everywhere else. This is the core reason in why we really wanted to create this brand. Men who work hard for their figures do not deserve to go through the struggles of baggy shirts and tight, uncomfortable trousers.
The style of a Man should be justified by his fashion - not covered up by it. Check out our athletic fit jeans here. 

We changed almost everything about standard clothing.

After two years of research and measuring hundreds of Athletes and Professional Bodybuilders, we developed our complete line that was unlike anything else seen on the market. We narrowed the waist, extended the chest, widened the shoulders, lowered the underarm, allocated room for quads and calves.

Dress pants for bodybuilders

From small details such as providing free arm movement and the ability to roll up your sleeves, integrating a flexible material for our trousers that would feel comfortable and change shape depending on the customer's dimension without splitting. Every small detail has been considered to provide the ideal fit which keeps up with our customer's high-intensity lifestyle. 

"The only brand with a MINIMUM arm size."

The major turning point for Oxcloth was when we abolished the conventional clothing measurements and opted to create our own range of Size names. We recognised that ‘Small, Medium, Large, XL’ were extremely ineffective when catering for larger builds, and we wanted to create our own unique sizes to help better fit our customers. To make the transition easier, we created an intuitive sizing page to help our customers find the perfect fit catering to them. We're proud to see that our sizing guide has been used as a benchmark for the 'proportioned Athlete' as it shows we really have catered toward our ideal customer. You can find that page here - Because of our unique ‘OXFit’ measurements, we have found that we offer a product unlike anything else on the market. 
We're so sure people will love the brand, we offer free shipping, exchanges & returns. So far, we’ve received incredible feedback from customers, and even high-esteemed members of the International Federation of Bodybuilders such as Fouad Abiad, Ash Edelman and Romane Lanceford who have provided tremendous reviews of our brand for its quality and fit.
Thank you for taking the time to read, we are Oxcloth providing the best dress shirts for bodybuilders and best shirts for muscular guys.


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