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How to Get an IFBB Pro Card

In the realm of fitness and bodybuilding, the IFBB Pro card is akin to a knight receiving their sword—a symbol of mastery, dedication, and accomplishment. 

Much like our clothing here at Oxcloth, It's held in the highest regard within the bodybuilding community. Obtaining this card isn’t just about physical prowess but also commitment, strategy, and relentless perseverance.

From lucrative sponsorships to international stardom, securing the card can profoundly change a bodybuilder’s life and trajectory.

In this blog article we go into how to get an IFBB pro card, what you need to consider and the benefits of getting one.

How to Get an IFBB Pro Card

How Much Does an IFBB Pro card cost?

A frequently asked question is about the monetary investment tied to the IFBB Pro card.

The card itself comes with an application fee of $200. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Prospective candidates should also account for competition registration fees. As you ascend in levels from regional to national competitions, these fees might increase.

Coaching is another significant cost. Professional coaching, which is almost indispensable at higher levels, can range anywhere from $50 to $500 an hour, depending on the coach's reputation.

Nutrition plans, tailored to maximize muscle growth and fat loss, need constant adjustments and can also add up in cost.

Supplements, specialized equipment, gym memberships, travel, and accommodation for distant competitions collectively contribute to the journey's financial aspect. It’s not just about having the muscles but also the means to reach the finish line.

Is it easy to get an IFBB Pro card?

No, an IFBB pro card is not easy to obtain. Earning the IFBB Pro card is akin to a marathon, not a sprint.

The physical demands are rigorous. It requires athletes to sculpt their bodies to the epitome of perfection, achieving a balance of muscle size, symmetry, and definition.

Mentally, the path can be even more grueling. The journey is fraught with setbacks—plateaus in growth, injuries, or sometimes, life's unpredictable events.

How do I become an IFBB pro UK?

The journey for UK residents is nuanced. The first step is usually to compete and place in regional contests. Doing well here can propel you to the national championships.

But here's the catch; even a win at nationals might not guarantee the card. You may then need to represent the UK at international contests, competing with global talent.

In the UK, it’s also vital to stay updated with the British Bodybuilding Federation's guidelines as they often serve as gatekeepers to international competitions. Ensure you’re always in sync with their criteria, which might evolve over the years.

How many IFBB Pro cards are given out?

The exact number is dynamic, but to put it in perspective, consider this: Thousands of bodybuilders globally aspire for the card every year.

However, only a limited number, perhaps in the low hundreds, achieve this dream. This paints a picture of the intense competition and the exclusive club that IFBB Pro cardholders belong to.

Can anyone get an IFBB Pro card?

While anyone can dream of it, there are set criteria. Age restrictions might apply in certain categories. For instance, you might be too young for the open category but eligible for the junior division. 

Your nationality can influence which contests you participate in, and a history of prior competition achievements is a pre-requisite.

For instance, an absolute beginner cannot immediately compete at the national level without proving their mettle in lower-tier contests.

IFBB Pro card benefits

Being an IFBB Pro isn't just about the accolade. There's a tangible side to the benefits. Sponsorship deals, often lucrative, can come your way, with brands wanting you to represent them.

You’ll also get access to exclusive international events, including seminars, workshops, and expos. Within the global bodybuilding community, the card serves as a badge of honor, setting you apart and often giving you a voice in the industry.

Training and Preparation Tips

  • Nutrition: A cliche but worth repeating—your body is a temple. Fuel it with the right nutrients, understanding that during different phases, your needs will differ. Bulking will require a calorie surplus, while cutting demands a deficit. And always hydrate.
  • Workout Routines: The importance of periodization can't be stressed enough. Switching between volume, strength, and intensity can help prevent plateaus.
  • Mental Preparation: The power of the mind is unparalleled. Develop resilience. The journey will test you, but how you bounce back defines your success.
  • Mentorship: Find someone who’s been there, done that. This mentor can guide, offer feedback, and more importantly, provide the much-needed moral support.

This advice is just scratching the surface. To get to pro status you need to dial in your training and diet to absolute perfection. Focus on the smallest of details.


The IFBB Pro card journey is arduous but deeply rewarding. Like any great achievement, it demands sacrifice, commitment, and an unyielding spirit. As you embark or continue on this quest, remember to stay informed, make strategic decisions, and always—always—believe in yourself.

Never give up.

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