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How Much Does an IFBB Pro Make?

Contrary to the common misconception that bodybuilders are either unpaid or earn a meager income, IFBB professionals have various revenue streams. From sponsorships from muscle fit clothing brands to merchandise and online coaching, the avenues are diverse.

In this blog we look at how much an IFBB pro makes as the income may vary based on individual achievements, reputation, and business acumen. But regardless, it's safe to say that bodybuilding can be a lucrative field. 

How Do IFBB Pros Make Money?

While we've touched upon major income streams like sponsorships, merchandising, and online programs, it's worth diving deeper to understand how each facet contributes to an IFBB Pro's earnings.


When you get your IFBB pro card, sponsors can start to come knocking. Sponsorship deals usually involve long-term contracts and can significantly vary in their financial structure. Established athletes can command six-figure sponsorships that not only provide a steady income but also cover competition expenses and training costs. These sponsorships are often renewed annually, depending on the athlete's performance and the brand's marketing strategy.


When it comes to selling products the initial cost can be quite significant particularly if the athlete chooses to create top notch items. Nevertheless the rewards can be quite profitable.

For instance consider personalised protein supplements or workout equipment; once these products become popular they can generate a stream of earnings. Additionally merchandising provides opportunities, for partnerships, with brands, which further enhances income potential.

Online Coaching and Programs

Online coaching and program development also demand both time and expertise. The initial setup, which entails creating content and marketing can be quite time consuming.

Nevertheless once you have everything in place these services typically require involvement and can become a steady source of income. Additionally, having a strong online presence often attracts clients from around the world expanding your market reach and offering exposure opportunities.

What is the Prize Money for IFBB Pro Competition?

Prize money for IFBB Pro competitions can vary widely depending on the event. However, it is not uncommon for top-tier competitions to offer prizes in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. For instance, as of 2021, the Arnold Classic had a total prize money of around $130,000 for the men's bodybuilding category.

How Much Do Bodybuilders Get Paid in the UK?

When it comes to IFBB pros in the UK, the earnings are somewhat comparable to those in the United States, although there can be variations due to sponsorships and other revenue streams.

IFBB Pro Salary UK

While exact figures are hard to pin down, a competitive IFBB Pro in the UK can expect to make around £28,000 - £35,000 on average per year through a combination of sponsorships, merchandise, and coaching. This can vary wildly as it depends on the traction made through social media following and email list.

How Much is Mr Olympia Prize?

Mr Olympia is the pinnacle of natural and unnatural bodybuilding competitions and comes with an appropriately grand prize.

The winner can expect to take home a hefty sum, often exceeding $400,000 as of recent years. The prestige and publicity that come with this title further open up revenue streams, making it a significant financial milestone.

How Much Does an IFBB Pro Make? Tom Coleman for Oxcloth

Is Bodybuilding a Good Career Option?

Financial Stability

Though prize money and sponsorships can be lucrative, there are also substantial costs involved, including high-quality nutrition, training equipment, and sometimes even medical expenses for injury recovery. Financial stability often comes only after years of consistent performance and brand building.

Health Implications

The intense training regimens, coupled with the use of supplements and sometimes performance-enhancing substances, can have long-term health implications. Kidney and liver issues, as well as cardiovascular problems, have been reported among bodybuilders. It is crucial to maintain a balance and take professional medical advice.

Time Commitment

A bodybuilding career is a long-term commitment that requires years of training, sometimes starting as early as one's teenage years. The return on investment in terms of time, therefore, is something to consider seriously.


Understanding the financial landscape of a career in IFBB Pro bodybuilding is essential for anyone considering this path. While the earning potential is undeniably high for those who excel, it's a road that requires careful planning, significant investment, and an unyielding commitment to the craft.

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